#161 Harut Martirosyan: What Secrets Lie Behind Armenia’s AI Surge?

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On episode #161 of Eye on AI, join Craig Smith as he sits down with Harut Martirosyan, CTO of Intent.ai. 

In this episode, we explore Harut’s journey in AI, highlighting his role in shaping ad targeting technology and fostering Armenia’s tech ecosystem. 

Harut shares insights about Armenia’s technological heritage, the influence of major tech companies in the region, and the evolving landscape of AI and machine learning. We also cover the integration of AI in business and its global impact. 

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(00:00) Preview and Introduction to Harut Martirosyan

(05:14) Harut’s Background in AI and Privacy Focus

(07:16) Evolution of Tech Education in Armenia 

(10:47) Intent AI’s Product and Machine Learning Challenges

(15:09) Exploring Armenia’s Growing Tech Ecosystem 

(21:57) Political Landscape and Tech’s Societal Impact

(30:20) Armenia’s Startup Ecosystem and Market Dynamics

(35:42) Identifying and Capitalizing on Emerging Tech Niches

(39:19) Future Prospects in Armenian Tech

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